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How can I get the tickets?

You can purchase your pre-sale tickets directly on our website, or purchase at the door. In order to ensure that each customer receives the most out of their party experience, only a certain number of tickets are available for each time slot and each day.

What if I miss my ticket window?

Unfortunately all ticket sales are final, and we cannot accommodate tickets that are for a missed time slot. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep track of the time slot on their ticket.

Do I need to have a printed ticket or can I use my phone to display my ticket?

You can either use a printed ticket, or the ticket confirmation that you are emailed after your purchase.

Where can I park?

You can use any of the Westfield shopping center public parking. If you want the shortest walk, make sure to park on the South side of the mall, in between the Macy’s and California Pizza Kitchen.


Is PartyWith wheelchair accessible?

Yes it is.

How do I obtain a press pass?

In order to receive an exclusive media pass, please email

Is PartyWith open to children?

Children 12 years old and up are allowed to enter the experience without a parent or guardian. Any child that is 11 or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How much are tickets?

Adult: $25
Children Age 6-12: $15
Kids under 5: Free
Dogs: Free (Limit to 2 pets per Adult Ticket. Please check pet policy under FAQ)


What time should I arrive to ensure I don’t miss my ticket window?

We highly recommend arriving to our location 15 minutes prior to your time slot.

What if I want to purchase tickets for a corporate event, school/company outing, etc.?

We offer great group rates and even private events. Please contact to schedule your next group outing/event!

Can I purchase my ticket at the door?

You may purchase your ticket at the door, however, there is no guarantee that same day time slots will be available when you come. We highly recommend purchasing online ahead of time to ensure that you get the day and time slot that you desire.

Can I bring a camera?

Yes of course! You can bring your phone or any other personal camera. We want you to immerse yourself in our interactive photo experience!

We also provide polaroid camera for rent, first come first serve though!


What is your purchase/return policy for items purchased in the gift shop?

All items are final sales.


I’m looking to launch a brand/collab/new product. Can PartyWith help me to create an immersive branded experience for PartyGoers?

Yes, please email to special with one of our associates about creating a branded experience with us.

Are you dog friendly?

Yes! We are! Dogs are welcome to the experience, owner will have to sign a waiver before they can enter the experience. We also have special photo sets for dogs, make sure to ask our staff for assistance.



Pet Policy

  • All dogs and cats are free admissions along with their owner’s ticket. (Ticket price for Adult is $25) Each Adult Tickets are for up to 2 pets, please note that we have a policy as we want the owner to be able to have close supervision on their pets to maintain a controllable environment.
  • The owner will have to sign a waiver form for their pets before entering the experience.
  • Dogs and cats need to be leash at all time or in a carrier during the experience. Only under the close supervision of their owner when they are posing in the room, then they are allowed to be unleashed for the pictures.
  • If the owner wants to do a video of their dogs running into the Partywith Experience at the Vending Machine Door, just like our ads. We can accommodate that, our staff will be assisting you. Our goal is to have a safe and controlled environment for our other guests in the experience. Please let our staff know in advance when check-in.
  • We highly encourage to take a short walk with your pups before entering the experience to prevent unexpected bathroom accidents in the venue. Our store is located in the outdoor promenade side of the mall and there is a small grass area for them to do their business. 😉
    If a bathroom accident did occur in the venue, our staff will be able to assist with cleaning materials for it.
  • We have special sets for our fluffy guests, such as stand boxes, high chairs, bench, special ball pit, etc. Our goal is to assist you in getting the perfect shot!



What is the PartyBus?

The Partybus is an immersive party experience on wheels, reigniting your childlike sense of wonder and imagination through the element of surprise. We bring you a break from the mundane in the most unlikely of places, and invite you to hop on the bus and party with us!

Where can I find the PartyBus?

The Partybus pops up when you’re least expecting it! We aim to spark excitement and curiosity by surprising you with an amazing party on wheels.

Follow our instagram @_partywith for the hints!


Is the PartyBus traveling to my city any time soon?

Right now we are focused on bringing the Partybus to our friends in LA, but you can follow us on Instagram @_partywith or sign up for updates to see where we’re headed next.

Does it cost me any money to go on the PartyBus?

No, the Partybus pops up in different locations all around the greater Los Angeles area! It is there for you and your friends to enjoy and capture playful moments and connections with each other.

Can I book the PartyBus for my next party or event?

For private Partybus bookings, please contact us at

Can I take photos in the bus?

Yes! We highly encourage our party people to connect with their friends and capture their playful moments on their phones.

Is the PartyBus wheelchair accessible?

At this time, our first bus is not wheelchair accessible. We aim to have our future parties able to accommodate everyone. Please stay tuned for updates on what we have in store next.

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